How to Throw a Waybuloo Party – Waybuloo Party Supplies, Decorations, Games and Food

Choosing a Waybuloo theme for a child’s birthday is a perfect solution for those who have both young boys and girls attending the party. With an appeal to both sexes, the show also includes lots of creative elements which can inspire all kinds of relevant food and activities for the event.

Waybuloo Party Decorations

The Piplings are each a different color, so the party balloons, streamers and other items should be in blue, pink, lilac and orange. The show is set in a beautiful land called Nara, and decorations can also include paper flowers inspired by the Piplings’ garden, and images of birds and butterflies.

Printing out images of the Piplings is also a great way to decorate for this party.

Waybuloo Birthday Cake

Ready-to-roll and fondant icing make cake decorating easy these days. Create a Nara scene on top of a jam sponge cake or recreate the child’s favorite Pipling. Alternatively decorate a plain iced cake with miniature figurines of the characters, or edible rice papers. There is also an official cake available from selected UK supermarkets.

Waybuloo Party Food

Piplings play with the Cheebies in Waybuloo, which is their name for the human children who come to visit. The Piplings love different fruits and share these with the Cheebies in Pipling picnics. Create something similar with delicious fruit juices or smoothies, fruity desserts and fruits arranged into fun shapes.

Cut sandwiches into butterfly shapes to represent Narabugs, and make Waybuloo cookies or cupcakes with Piplings on top.

Waybuloo Party Games and Activities

Each Pipling has different interests and talents. Lau Lau is creative and likes to dance and paint, so one area of the party room could be dedicated to arts, crafts and dancing. De Li loves gardening and flowers, so building something for the garden or planting a seed in a pot could be another activity. Nok Tok likes to build things, so any crafts that involve making things such as a card version of his Nara car or Anything Machine are ideal.

Finally, the youngest Pipling, Yojojo, loves to play, which means plenty of party games! Play spot the Narabug by hiding paper butterflies around the room, or pin the tail on the Pipling!

Piplings also love to play Peeka, a form of hide and seek, and participate in yogo, their simple form of yoga, so a few fun poses can also be integrated into the party.

With a little imagination, it is easy to think up fun ideas for a great Waybuloo party!

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