Caution- Construction Theme Birthday Party Ahead

Every boy loves to play with trucks, digging in the dirt and making buildings. Why not celebrate this pastime at his next birthday party?

Kick up the decorations by turning the outside of your home into a construction zone for the construction party! Bright orange paper can be cut in the shape of construction signs and hung from the house and mailbox. Add black, orange, and yellow balloons to your mailbox to designate your party zone!

Equip each guest at the construction party with plastic hard hats available at party stores. Have the guest of honor wear a tool belt designating him as the construction foreman for the day.

Planning a construction party doesn’t mean you have to dig up your house. Cover the kitchen or living room table with a black tablecloth and put pieces of masking tape down the middle as hash marks for the road. Park several brightly colored trucks from the boy’s collection on the table for guests to play with.

A cake for a construction party can be made using a triangle or octagon cake pan. Stick with the themed colors and frost the cake in orange. “Caution: Joe’s 6th Birthday” would be a great addition in black icing on top of the cake. Spice up the cake stand by placing several trucks around the base.

Construction parties may be a little “work in progress” but the smile on the guests’ faces makes all the work worth it. Just imagine the smile on the face of your favorite little builder at the party.

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